AW 24-25 Accessories: New Opulence

The silhouettes of the Autumn-Winter 24-25 season channel a minimalist mood with a focus on fit and construction, their streamlined lines allowing for a return to opulence in the detail. Accessories and components take center stage, asserting their character with a sense of heightened creativity.

Half Mourning

A dense black permeates the collections, its depth nuanced by flashes of light spanning shiny black, gunmetal and silver. 
Accessories are ornamental, their articulated microstructures recalling jewelry movements. Structured embroidery and textile panels have Art Deco airs, while metal embellishments commingle with Lurex threads and micro sequins. 
Revisited studs skew more couture than rock in mood thanks to a subtle interplay of colors, patterns and materials. 
Perfect for men’s and women’s formal evening wear.

Belle de nuit 

Nightfall and its shifting colors inspires collections imbued with enchantment and mystery. Dark hues blend in a satin sheen. Radiant strokes of color seem to vibrate, while exquisite buttons evoke the beauty of an eclipse or the Milky Way.
This strange universe permeates designs that also recall a lush forest. Expanding materials stimulate our senses, with contrasting feather-soft or shaggy, thorny handles. Enigmatic, acid-hued elements come to life like stinging caterpillars or carnivorous plants.
To contrast with minimalist constructed tailoring pieces.

Functional Couture

Ultimate luxury is also reflected in the precision and purity of line. Components and technical elements transcend their functional aspects, drawing the eye with their perfect sense of design. Creating ornamental pieces through a clean design, these jewelry accessories effortlessly blend form and function.
For collections that exude sophisticated minimalism.

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