AW 24-25 Accessories: Cool Solar

This season is all about bright, elaborate cool hues. Blues contrast with warmth, bringing an edge to harmonies. The sun makes a surprise appearance in this icy landscape nonetheless, with warm mauves and purples infusing collections.
The concept of a polar winter, in all its radiance and enchantment, is idealized, inspiring materials as powdery as fresh snow or as clear as ice as well as structured constructions echoing snowflakes seen under a microscope.

Glacier Blue

Winter’s cool hues range from glacier blue to warm violet, acting like a frozen filter on sleek accessories. A monochrome offer that tricks our senses through plays on textures and handles. Airy feathers mix with metal, and the roughness of tulle contrasts with rubbery touches.
For fancy monochrome silhouettes with strong visual impact.

Frosted Garden 

A frozen Eden, where precious materials mingle in silent white. A tribute to luxury craftsmanship, combining refined embroidery and delicate feathers. Ornamental jewelry accessories are adorned with frosted pearls, enameled metals and baguette-cut stones. Techniques that may be freely combined to create enchanting silhouettes. 
For winter wedding dresses.

Salt Crystal

A winter tales universe is also reflected in precious, frosty products. Buckles are seemingly chiseled out of ice, and pearl buttons mimic flakes. Other designs evoke the passing of time, like embroideries evoking ice strata or snow-dusted charms.
Use tone-on-tone for fancy winter pieces.

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