AW 24-25 Accessories

Accessories for the AW 24-25 season move between hot and cold, and opulent and natural moods. 

A shift towards minimalist silhouettes inspires accessories with a new opulence and couture extravagance. Deep blacks are awakened by metallic sheens and softened studs. Figurative elements evoke nightfall or phantasmagoric forests, and sleek, perfectly designed elements exude refinement.

The mood for simplicity is also mirrored in off-white accessories and components in mono-materials with a raw aesthetic. There is a naturalness that also references trees, from the formidable protective qualities of bark to the mysteries of their mycorrhizal networks. 

Solar vision, the season’s overarching theme, infuses accessories with an astral heat. A vivid orange colors multi-material components with a contemporary, urban spirit; warm, earthy tones play out on products with a luxury outdoor spirit. A primordial glow has seemingly time-traveled the cosmos.

Even cold hues appear to warm up under the influence of the sun’s rays. Accessories in monochromatic harmonies feature cool solar tones ranging from glacial blue to deep purple, while precious elements celebrate exceptional craftsmanship, in frosted or crystallized interpretations.

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