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Nouveaux exposants Première Vision Accessories

Twenty new exhibitors will be enriching PV Accessories – Hall 4, this season. Sustainable development is the star of the show, including for functional items. This new vintage also brings brand-new marking solutions, embroidery, flocking and, for the first time, quilting. Featherlight jewellery, buttons made flour, wool and down wadding, lamé flocking, graphic 3D animation, ultra-shiny diamanté assemblages, galvanisations with even more colour – this session difference is the name of the game.



Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, American Button Manufacturer is the only remaining button manufacturer on the US West Coast, where some of its production is made. It specialises in working with natural materials: mother of pearl, corozo, coconut shell, wood and stone. This year, the company has launched a new collection, created by young designers. With its biodegradable and recycled materials, upcycling and improved processes, this range consists of eight categories of sustainable products, whose freshness and modernity will be appreciated. Combining simplicity and refinement, these buttons manage to maintain a natural appearance while giving the impression of something new, and will delight labels committed to a more environmentally-respectful fashion.




Founded thirty years ago, this company started out specialising in sneakers. It gradually evolved towards labelling and particularly 3D markings. Coming from the sportswear world, CM Label has mastered a number of techniques inherent to this sector, notably the placing of labels on water-resistance and breathable fabrics, using stitching, laser, embossing, high-frequency bonding or injection. Its logos in 3D TPU with an impressively authentic metallic appearance are light and comfortable, essential for the outdoor sector where every gram counts. The new collection targets a wider audience, with all sorts of high-tech and creative accessories, notably zips and sliders customisable with etching in a large choice of colours.


The story of this manufacturer started with the production of equipment for the first Italian expedition to Antarctica. Experts in high-quality down quilting, Cinelli Piume e Piumini diversified by including other types of padding (wadding, synthetic, cotton, silk or wool blends,) while continuing to select the best natural down, guaranteed by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Moving from the creation of garments to the production of quilted, semi-finished panels, Cinelli Piume e Piumini offers a bespoke service, targeting a mid- to high-end market, while constantly innovating. The latest example is its wool and down yarn, which can be used to create woven padding, breathing new life into the world of quilted jackets and padding.





This family company, specialised in the production of chains, rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewellery, is continually updating its technologies and innovating to offer superior quality at a competitive price. Now Del Pia is presenting “2begold”, a patented procedure for applying gold plating to a hollow silver tube. This unique method makes it possible to increase the quantity of gold while maintaining the lightweight character of the jewellery. Mosaico is another of its patented innovations: a new way of embedding Swarowski crystals to give a “grain set” effect. This technology means that jewellery which remains lightweight offers maximum shine. Everything is entirely and exclusively made in Italy and sold around the world.


There is often a contradiction between performance and ecology, but this is not the case at Duraflex. This American technical accessories label was the first in its category to obtain the very demanding Blue Sign certification in 2010. Specialised in functional buckles for rucksacks, the manufacturer has diversified and today covers the entire spectrum of technical accessories for accessories and clothing in the sportswear, military, leisure wear and city wear sectors: press fasteners, eyelets, sliders, cord stoppers, labels, etc. In addition to its US factory, Duraflex, which specialises in large series production, the company also has factories in Italy, China and Vietnam and offers its clients all the guarantees that responsible labels require these days.





In the very competitive world of packaging, FVL stands out from the crowd. Starting out in the waistband lining sector, this manufacturer is proud to offer its clients that discrete additional level of quality that makes all the difference. Pocket linings, shoulder pads, interfacing, collar linings, facing, braid… all the apparently anonymous details that are the signature of the major labels, where what is done on the inside can be felt on the outside. FVL completes its collection with hangers, shoe trees, cases, bags etc, available in stock service, easily customisable and with short delivery turnaround.




A subsidiary of the Gimet Group, Gidue manufactures jewellery, accessories and handmade chains from silver, brass and bronze for the luxury market. Equipped with cutting-edge prototype development tools, Gidue studies its clients’ projects then suggests the most judicious use of materials and techniques to give the best possible results. For the next season, the manufacturer has announced a collection including metals combined with gems, leathers, Plexiglass and wood. There is also a collection of chains of difference shapes and sizes, with a variety of galvanisations, created an aged or coloured appearance and a range of accessories specially designed for bags and leather goods. Everything is produced in-house, with typical Made in Italy quality.


Since its beginnings in 2002, this company has worked for the premium and luxury sectors, providing labels and accessories for footwear, watches, apparel, sports items and luggage, among others. In addition to this unique experience that is its strength, and used to the exacting and sometimes eccentric demands of its clients, the company has a number of tools and expertise at its disposal, such as high-frequency, embossing, digital printing, screen printing, transfers, embroidery, laser cut-outs, micro-injection and stamping.

Recently, Label Store has developed its activity in the leather sector, which now forms the majority of its production, and has acquired expertise in working with this delicate material.




Founded in 1966, this button maker with its four production plants is one of the largest in Portugal. It specialises in working with natural materials, such as wood, brass, horn, coconut shell, bone, cork, corozo and metal, as well as ABS nylon and polyester, notably for imitations of natural materials. In order to reduce pollution, the manufacturer has developed under licence a system for recycling its synthetic resin waste. And to complete this range of environmentally-respectful products, the manufacturer is also presenting a collection of biodegradable buttons made from vegetable fibres, powdered horn, cotton, recycled paper, hemp, coffee grounds, sawdust and even flour!


A small family embroidery business founded 30 years ago, LRT has become a reference in its category for the modernity of its equipment, the variety of techniques it uses and the creativity of its teams. Placing crystals or sequins, transfers, traditional and fashion embroidery, Fuwari embroidery, three dimension, ribbons, braiding, chains, high-frequency, laser cut-outs… LRT boasts state-of-the-art machinery and expertise that allows it to combine techniques and obtain spectacular effects, particularly 3D. With a judicious choice of techniques according to the material and the desired effect, LRT is today the partner of creators throughout Europe.





A veritable fur virtuoso, Pajaro combines exceptional technical expertise with the touch of extravagance needed for the haute fashion world. Its history is punctuated by extraordinary orders, such as the dress of Catherine the Great which is displayed in the Czarskoe Selo museum. Its encounters have finetuned the capacity of this furrier to enhance this extraordinary material. For the very first time, it is launching a collection of accessories: braid, fringes and decorations, combing fur and textiles in patchworks, incrustations, weaves, and other coloured compositions, where we find bouquets of mink and macramé, mosaics of fabric and fur or hand-painted, reversible Karakul.


This embellisher offers a range of techniques such as digital printing, screen printing, laser cut-outs, sublimation, transfers and flocking (with velvet, sequins and more). Working for the big names in the luxury sector, Seriflock pays attention to details and can ensure the reproducibility of its products. Experienced in working with delicate materials, its savoir-faire can be applied to all materials, from denim to tulle, via lace and stretch knits.


For this producer of labels and packaging, labelling is not just a question of identity but a moment of pleasure. Sunn Etiket knows how to capture attention with interesting materials: recycled leather, original papers, soft plastic, intriguing textures. It also produces a whole range of goodies, from card holders, chains, keyrings, patches and more which are so many ways of adding value. But the manufacturer is equally committed to quality. It believes that the label should not impact on comfort and that it should last as long as the item itself. With its team of 150 staff, Sunn Etiket has mastered all the techniques needed for labelling and packaging in order to meet specific demands in an appropriate manner.





Created in 1980, UGT (United Group Tex) opened a production site in Romania at the beginning of the 1990s, then another one in Tunisia in 2007. Working mainly with Europe, this company produces textile accessories for suit production: waistbands, pocket linings, bias binding and true grain, folded strips, linings, reinforcements and interfacing, in a large selection of materials and finishes. In addition to its in-stock items, UGT produces models to order with very short turnaround times (1 to 5 days for a custom waistband), while remaining in a very competitive price bracket.


This manufacturer is one of the largest producers of accessories in Turkey. Working mostly with jeanswear, its accessories collection is remarkable for the variety of materials and colours. Here, the core basics – metal buttons, jacrons, leather labels and other typical accessories – are revisited by a creative team always on the look-out for innovation, and have something for all fashion sectors. Very committed to sustainable development, the manufacturer explores alternative materials, combinations of recycled metals, organic cotton, chrome-free leather, imitation leather made from palm leaves, banana leaves or fruits, water-based paints, respectful galvanisation techniques, etc. The entire collection meets environmental standards and boasts Oeko Tex, ISO and FSC certification.



This manufacturer of artisanal Indian embroidery, panels, accessories and finished clothing, wants to create a link between the tradition of its country, the expectations of contemporary fashion and the demands of a premium market that is attentive to detail and the finesse of the work. In five years, Uncommon has won over an international client base with its luxurious embroideries, meticulously sewn and extremely varied. In addition, the company has been awarded Craftmark certification which guarantees its social and ethical commitment to the respect of its artisans and the preservation of local savoir-faire.




This company makes and sells yarns for couture and embroidery, as well as synthetic padding for the workwear, security wear, fashion, footwear, and home textiles markets. With an emphasis on high-tech and innovation, Solinhas uses materials such as high-tenacity polyester, rayon, meta-aramids, polyamide, and Lyocell. Since 2000, the company has focused on international markets, and has also opened an office in Tunisia to be closer to its clients there.


Spring’85 is an Italian family company founded, as its name suggests, in 1985.

It offers a wide range of jeans buttons, metallic buttons and rivets. Choose the size, shape, colour and even the finish of your logo (engraved, embossed, laser printed or by pantograph) for a product that truly reflects the image of your label. The company’s products are destined for the clothing sector, and more particularly for jeanswear, sportswear and workwear.

Spring’85 is also proud to offer products that are entirely Made in Italy as well as an eco-responsible approach to its production process (renewable energies, choice of materials, etc.) and its working conditions. Spring’85 is Oeko-Tex certified.


Bias binding, piping, pocket linings, waistband linings, fusible braid… Tuncay presents a complete collection of functional textile accessories used to produce men’s and women’s suits and trousers. Among its references, we also find tulle and tarlatan gauze. Everything is made on site in Turkey.


Small fashion jewellery, bracelets, earrings, brooches, necklaces, hair accessories, key-rings, rings, patches: this manufacturer’s collection is full of colourful decorations and trinkets bedecked with ribbons, crystals, and beads, that has already conquered the children’s market. There are even socks, bags, stationery, accessories for mobile phones and other objects, all made very carefully and at competitive prices.


Find the complete list of Première Vision Accessories exhibitors here.

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