Decodings SS25 Accessories: Revisited classics

The SS25 season unfolds across the theme of mutation. For decorations, it’s all about revisited classics, including twists on natural motifs inspired by flora and fauna that create fantasy hybrids. Stripes – another classic motif – are also reinvented with variations in size and color evoking a sporty, preppy universe.

Nature Intensified

Floral motifs go beyond realism. Mutant blooms appear to transform and grow, with plants proliferating and hybridizing, conjuring an imaginary, dreamlike bestiary.

A purely vegetal mood also makes an appearance, with verdant French garden-inspired designs transforming into fertile Eden-inspired scenes. Fauna, too, is illustrated this season through intriguing representations of mutant species. Forget supernatural references: nature, in all its lush creativity, is an infinite source of exuberant patterns and textures. From beetles to amphibians and water snakes, the focus is on shiny, moiré surfaces with deep, iridescent reflections

Wayward Stripes

The stripe, the iconic motif par excellence, mutates, unleashing itself from its usual narrative.

On ribbed edges, ribbons or zips, stripes adopt new colors, thicknesses, rhythms and orientations… Bayadères or Neapolitan, they move away from the rectilinear, morphing into broken lines.

Stripes display three-dimensional modifications. Textured and blown out, they explode, creating new volumes. On cords, braiding techniques bring a charming geometric effect to textile accessories, with craft and techmerging. Elsewhere, juxtaposed and/or distorted blocks of color disrupt the structure of accessories, for an altered perception.

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