Decodings SS25 Accessories: Freeze Frame

The Spring-Summer 25 season is all about mutation. Among the preliminary explorations, the concept of capturing the moment of transition inspires new creative developments.


Interpretations of the chrysalid, the stage of metamorphosis, and a symbol of transformation, infuse delicately transparent accessories. Nylon ribbons with a springy handle form a moving lace. Offering a more structured spin, braids and 3D-printed constructions evoke exoskeletons. Richly decorated jewels and embroideries transport us into impenetrable abysses, thanks to embellishments that oscillate between fish eggs and sea cucumbers.

Transparency also plays out in gelled latex treatments on all variety of materials. Buttons, laces, chains and labels are enhanced with dips, rubber coatings, color inclusions and material superimpositions, in shades sliding from milky to turquoise, with subtle plays on semi-plains and matte and gloss effects.


This season, plays on light produce opalescent reflections, with shifting pastel shimmers bringing a touch of modernity to ornamental accessories.

Golden hues and metallics are tempered, veiling surfaces. Gold is softened and whitened, and can be freely applied to all surfaces and materials. Mother-of-pearl and iridescent effects are more colorful, enriched by blue and mauve nuances, giving them an urban edge.

Opalescence also features on matte surfaces, with shifting, shimmering effects that have seemingly been freeze-framed and graphically transcribed. Iridescent, bleached and milky petroleum reflections invade surfaces, creating chromatic vibrations down to the smallest detail.

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