Decodings SS25 Accessories: Radical Utilitarianism

The key themes of the Spring-Summer 25 season reflect the profound transformations underway in the fashion industry. The climate crisis invites us to collaborate more with the natural world, to draw inspiration from its functioning systems and develop sustainable and responsible innovations. At the crossroads of nature and technology, new solutions are emerging.

Clean Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship moves into the spotlight, with visible textile structures on a range of surfaces that evoke the trace of the human hand. Wickerwork, braiding and weaving are executed in raw, dry materials, for an expressive, plant-like quality, but there’s nothing rustic about this naturalness.

Instead, craft is revisited with a precise, almost robotic hand. Elsewhere, plant materials are combined with technical materials to create graphic geometric patterns.


3D printing opens the way to complex structures. Geometric and monochrome patterns invade surfaces, experimenting with constructions and textures. Metallic and textile accessories feature cool, precious colors, such as matte golds and blackened silvers. For clean, technical decorative accessories.

Ultra Designed

Metal accessories are simplified to the extreme, with attention to detail reflected in the radical perfection of the design and the precision of the mechanics. Metals are adorned with technical aspects for a contemporary edge, with matte blacks or the ultra-clean shine of stainless steel. Elements derived from sport and tech, reinterpreted in a refined, urban spirit. An option for radical-chic tailoring looks.

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