Decodings SS25: Leather

The Spring-Summer 2025 season is all about mutation, with the heightened focus on ecosystems and technological advances in creative and industrial processes creating profound upheavals.

Our cohabitation with the natural world is explored anew. The desire to contribute to its regeneration and implement environmentally-friendly production processes is reflected in the collections, giving pride of place to naturalness. In leather, the direction carries over to color, with transparent finishes for natural, unadorned skins.

The season reflects the need to find a new balance through the concept of adaptation. Products embrace flawless functionality adapting to different uses. Craftsmanship and technology combine in ultra-precise decors.

The concept of hybridization is also expressed in a more whimsical universe with the emergence of mutating surfaces, while a shifting brilliance, moving from shadow to light, plays out in summery darks and surfaces with a deep iridescence.

A season that revisits the great leather classics, with proposals ranging from extreme rigor to unbridled creativity.

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