Decodings SS25 Leather: Mutating surfaces

The mutation storyline, the main theme of the SS25 season, is an ode to the transformation of matter. The natural textures of skins seemingly metamorphose through dreamlike, fantasy visual effects.

Hybrid Pelts

Terrestrial fauna meets aquatic fauna, giving rise to an imaginary bestiary. Chimerical visions unfold on a variety of media.

Crocodile-style scales evoke imaginary reptiles and aquatic beasts; exotics take on fantastic colors and reflections, liberated from reality; a Tuscan sheepskin features shaving work that transposes it into a fictional universe; and shagreen-like grains are adorned with pastel accents for a celestial, dreamlike mood.

Summer Darks

Summer ranges adopt dark tones typically reserved for the winter seasons, with blacks and faux-blacks revisited in glossy versions on a wide variety of materials.

These dark shades feature mysterious reflections on crinkled patent leathers and high-gloss, metallic and glittery skins.


This season, shine is delicate, with opalescent effects settling on textured bases. Reflections are revealed in movement, for a radiance that seems almost alive.

Metallizations evoke light glazes, lending a pastelizing effect to colors. Gold and silver hues – leather classics – slip surreptitiously into barely detectable double tones. Full-grain lambskins feature bead-like grains. On calfskins or split suede leather, shine evokes a fine shower of micro-sequins.

On metallic accessories, shine takes on a frosted, pearlescent aspect and even infuses two-tone pastel surfaces.

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