Decodings SS25 Leather: Adaptation

For the leathers of Summer 25, it’s all about flawless functionality. Smooth, patent skins with couture perfection flirt with the tech universe, while leathers and textiles for sneakers are spellbound by sustainable compositions and finishes inspired by natural textures and weaves. 

New Varnishes

Skins with a varnished, lacquered aspect feature among the new season’s developments, with technical sheens that recall high-performance textile coatings. The approaches vary, with a prevalence for lacquered surfaces obtained in a more responsible, solvent-free way. Shimmering shine effects also play out on lightly textured surfaces including full-grain leathers, crisp grains and hides with micro crumpled effects. Lambskins in garment weights, for example, take on ultra-fine, crisp, papery aspects. Reflections enhance the base of skins without masking their natural qualities, with precious effects that evoke the make-up universe, particularly the ‘glass skin’ trend. 


Grains are given a new look. Smooth bases are adorned with mechanical finishes that revisit the embossed patterns of full-grain leather. Iconic grains, such as ostrich, are freely reinterpreted with new, unrealistic motifs. Geometric patterns take on microscopic formats.

Using authentic mechanical craftsmanship, high-precision embossing and micro-perforations lend a more radical, technical appearance to leathers with matte or satin finishes.


In the sportswear universe, meanwhile, the focus is on naturalness. The small, crisp grains of leather recall textile weaves. Accessories and textiles dedicated to sneakers take on the look of cotton or linen. The irregular aspect of bast fibers can be seen on accessory textiles (such as bands or laces) in neutral colors and rubber soles display their rough edges. 

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