Spring-Summer 24 Highlights: Artificial Shine 

The Spring-Summer 2024 season casts a dreamlike glow over everyday life, conjuring an artificial Eden. Shine has a digital softness, creating otherworldly vibrations on fabrics, decorations and leathers, as well as multifaceted prismatic effects that oscillate between strange dreams and a new romanticism. Sophisticated shiny treatments enhance fabric textures and imperfections on skins, and appear gracefully on decors.

Magnified Leathers

Digital influences lend subtle shine to the season’s leathers. Irregular or ultra-precise, finishes feature understated magnetic accents or veils of iridescence, enhancing every aspect of the skins.

Softened Magnetics

Shine is dynamized and softened by the use of fine metallic or pearlescent pigmentations that allow the material to breathe.

Leathers with glitter finishes evoke reptile scales from another millennium. Stretch velvet leathers are embellished with multiple iridescent micro-sequins applied by transfer — perfect for body-con clothes. Skins are coated with a variety of iridescent shades, like stardust. Alongside leather, to design the sneakers of tomorrow, specialized textiles sport prints that look like multicolored digital beams, enriched with metallic threads that illuminate with varying intensities depending on the light.

Glossy Crinkles

A lesson in the art of enhancing irregularities on skins! In lieu of smooth perfection, the digital influence plays up deliberate imperfections, with the surfaces of leathers crumpled, crinkled or even shrunken. Light brings these surfaces to life, giving varnished finishes a new look. Wet and lacquered effects are applied with transparency over intense, uniform colors, or combine with faintly pearlescent iridescence with subtly shifting reflections.


This season, we indulge our wildest desires for escape by immersing ourselves in Spring-Summer 24 decorations, an artificial paradise in a shiny, digital prism.

Sparkling Decorations

Mesh and net are made of silver threads, while sequin embroidery in gradient hues evokes otherworldly scaled skins.

Recycled sequins are placed randomly or scattered on fabrics, coming to life as they catch the light. Subtly acidic pastels on transparent voile have metallic coatings. Meanwhile, halos with overexposed effects are partially covered with iridescent finishes to form circular impressions that suggest a computer-generated aurora borealis.


Innovative and graceful fabrics revisit romantic influences, now imbued with a digital vibe. Textures shimmer and sparkle, their radiance enhanced with abstract shine effects.

Textured Shine

A precious materiality makes jacquards and silks seem to vibrate.

Jacquards have textured, plumped or depressed structures. Mini waves give surfaces a frisson effect and are worked in satin-finish fabrics that amplify delicate preciousness. Light hits in specific, more exposed spots, then diffuses in an eruption of fiery sparkles. Patterns depict endlessly intertwined geometric shapes with varying degrees of definition. Light metallic coatings are deposited randomly, while transparent voiles in soft pastels feature floral decorations or are sprinkled with mineral stones. Gold, silver and colored metal catch the eye and bring a futuristic edge to dresses and ethereal tops.

Iridescent Filters

Silks point to a new romanticism, gleefully surrendering to the digital age. Shiny, iridescent finishes surface on light or acidic colors, with changing effects applied in light coatings or through ultra-fine metal-plastic threads shot through the material. Such reflections transpose materials into a virtual, immaterial world, projecting the viewer into a dreamlike dimension.

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