Focus on AW 23-24 decorations: dissonant harmony 

Prints and decorations for Autumn-Winter 23-24 enthusiastically embrace radical, exquisitely personal creative choices. A boldness relying on timeless patterns, refreshed through the prism of color. Classics of the genre – flowers, geometrics, houndstooths – flaunt exuberantly joyful harmonies unabashedly verging on bad taste. 

Find the Première Vision Paris color range here, as well as our other decodings of the season’s color and prints.

Color clash 

At once essential and maximalist, decorations escape anonymity by drawing on the season’s chromatic palette. Timeless motifs – houndstooths and geometrics – herald a wildly spontaneous energy.

Moving between cadence and decadence, dark grounds unveil their full pigmentary power by teaming up with dazzling pale tones and intense brights. This heightens the visibility of patterns with sparer lines by boldly venturing into a desaturated chromatic excess.

Eccentric houndstooths

Houndstooths are the season’s must-have. Not-so-classic this time, the look is updated via a variety of techniques.  

More or less disproportionate, patterns are hatched, pixelated or naively hand-penciled. Dissonant chromatic combinations create highly colorful contrasts. The overall feeling is accentuated by dark backgrounds, such as “grey opulence” and “relic blue”, spiced up with bright and intense hues like “controversial pink”, and punctuated with an acidic touch with “high-tech lime”.

Madly geometric

Geometric motifs depart from a purely vintage influence to move into a more modern register. The elaboration of color is both modernist and multi-colored, challenging the conventions of the genre. More or less regular circles, squares and triangles are assembled like a chaotic puzzle. Elements are interpreted in peppy, optimistic color schemes, favoring fun and self-deprecating harmonies, sometimes verging on bad taste. Backgrounds lean towards greenish and grayish neutrals –  “green day” and “grey silence” –  punctuated by clashing accents like “egg yolk” or “vitamin halo”.


Disturbing harmonies 

The color palette seeks an experimental and artisanal note, reinventing floral and folk designs by sweeping them into hallucinatory abstract decorations. Influenced by everyday life, colors evoke the culinary arts and ingredients blended together in strange and deliciously appealing tones. A spontaneous and liberated aesthetic reminiscent of upcycling.

Taschist surprise

Flowers and vegetation remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

This season they’re given a fresh interpretation via arty references, collages and hand-drawn lines, resulting in exuberant taschist motifs. Graphic elements are more or less compact and colorful, for an equally taschist and poetic take on camouflage, poised between abstract design and floral motif. The colors look derived from fantastical recyclings, firing creative imaginings.

“mastic” and “kraft” shades bring to mind dried vegetation. They are jolted by touches of an intense chlorophyll hue, “green epilogue” or “high-tech lime”, and digitized florals such as “trivial violet” or “controversial pink”.

Trippy folklore

Folklore references are less literally interpreted. Patterns are bigger, and their deliberately blurry, ill-defined contours have an almost delirious, hallucinatory quality. An impression accentuated by fantastical chromatic ranges. Color mixes create amalgams evoking recycled materials. Grounds worked in browns such as “molasses” are reassuring and are teamed with bright colors like “egg yolk” or “vitamin halo”, and intense brights such as “menthol blister” or “clearly red”. For a guaranteed psychedelic effect!

Be sure to check out more of the season’s color decodings, along with the color range created by the Première Vision Paris fashion teams.

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