Nearly 1,200 exhibitors to meet at PV Paris in February!

Each new edition of Première Vision Paris gives its visitors the opportunity to discover and meet their future suppliers. From 6 to 8 February at Paris Nord Villepinte, nearly 1,200 exhibitors will gather in the show’s 4 halls.

In February, the show welcomes fabrics, leathers, yarns, accessories and clothing professionals from around the world with 42 nationalities represented including Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and English exhibitors. They will be divided into their respective universe: Fabrics, Smart Creation, Leather, Accessories, Maison d’Exceptions, Manufacturing, Designs, Yarns et Manufacturing Leather.

Leather |
Hall 3

Première Vision Paris is putting the spotlight on leather, with a new Leather Hub, a space dedicated to French tanners, as well as a new itinerary – 360° Leather: from farm to tech. 5 companies specialising in agriculture, the environment and tech will present their concrete solutions to address the needs of all visitors.

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This 100% leather hall will bring together over 80 exhibitors ; tanners offering leather for clothing and footwear, exotic leather and shearlings, as well as a dozen textile suppliers for leather goods and footwear.

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Accessories |
Hall 4

This year, hall 4 will be entirely dedicated to accessories and components with 194 suppliers at your disposal for your needs of buttons, zips, trimmings, labels, rivets, narrow laces, ornamental accessories…

Designs |
Hall 5

The Designs area, located in Hall 5 behind the new Inspiration forum, will once again bring together in February the best of textile design with nearly 100 design studios from 20 countries.

You will discover creations for women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, knitwear, athleisure, lingerie and swimwear.

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Maison d'Exceptions Paris 24

Maison d’Exceptions |
Hall 5

Exclusively reserved for luxury brands and accessible by invitation only, Maison d’Exceptions is a space dedicated to rare and cutting-edge know-how. Embroideries, accessories, 3D sculptures made out of knit, mother-of-pearl finishings, etc.: 20 ateliers and artisans will unveil their unique techniques, whether contemporary or ancestral, as well as their exclusive, creative and unique or custom-made products.

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Fabrics |
Halls 5 & 6

Divided between Halls 5 and 6, the universe of fabric suppliers will host 518 exhibitors divided into 12 sectors of activity:

Smart Creation |
Hall 6 – PV Hub

You will find the Smart Creation sector dedicated to sustainable and technological innovation in the new PV Hub in the center of Hall 6 and near the talks area.

Gathering 65 exhibitors, the Smart Creation universe gathers the Smart Materials space dedicated to eco-designed materials and fibers, Smart Services gathering companies specialized in services and certifications, and Smart Tech highlighting technology with specialists in traceability, or digitalization.

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Manufacturing |
Hall 6

Near the fabric area in Hall 6, the Manufacturing zone brings together garment manufacturers from more than 14 countries. In February, you will be able to meet 169 garment manufacturers for the production of your future collections.

Yarns |
Hall 6

Natural, artificial or synthetic fibers, high performance yarns, recyclable materials… 28 spinners and fiber producers will offer in Hall 6 products for all markets: warp and weft fabrics, jacquards, circular knits, footwear, technical uses…

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