Denim PV Workshop: The pattern-making workshop with Alessio Berto

Denim Première Vision is back on 31 May and 1 June at the Arena Berlin for two days of business meetings dedicated to denim. And to celebrate the community’s reunion, the PV team is offering a whole programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and activities to punctuate your days at the show, starting with a solidarity workshop to try your hand at the art of pattern-making with Alessio Berto.

Manteau Abbas

Born from the collaboration between Denim Première Vision, Sharabati Denim and Alessio Berto of The Tailor Pattern Support, this workshop will allow you to create the patterns of two traditional Syrian and Turkish garments.

ABBAS coat and SALVAR pant together will generate EL HABIBI BADLAH BORSOL – THE SELVEDGE FRIENDSHIP SUIT in solidarity with the people affected by the terrible earthquake earlier this year.

The ancient silhouettes of this selvedge suit will be modernized and adapted to the characteristics of  “LOOMERS” the new selvedge fabric line that will presented by Sharabati Denim in exclusive at Denim PV Berlin.

The participants to the workshop will create – under the guidance of the master Alessio Berto – the pattern of one of the 2 garments and the result will be two unique pieces that will merge the Middle Eastern tradition and denim of 50’s with modern and timeless silhouettes.

Each participant will receive an exclusive bag designed and produced from Sharabati, 2 meters of selvedge denim and the Crafil yarn as well as their own pattern designed under Alessio Berto guidance.

Find out more about Sharabati’s LOOMERS collection →

The workshop will take place all day on Wednesday and Thursday in a dedicated area near the Sharabati Denim booth.

Check out the full Denim PV programme →

Pantalon Salvar

Don’t miss out on the latest denim trends and meet the best denim specialists from around the world on May 31 and June 1 at the Arena Berlin!

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