Authentic premium denim for purists that will endure and make its own history

Sharabati Denim is one of the major integrated and eco friendly denim and flat fabric manufacturers by 140 million meter annual capacity. Keeping up with the fashion industry’s requirements for raw fabric in denim and finished gabardine, and as major visionary in the textile industry, we are committed to investing in technology, expansion and our community.

While we are investing in new technology and sustainable processes, we also value the past.

For a very long time, we have been planning to have a selvedge mill by our own. Finally we found 140 old shuttle looms-RUTI (Swiss company)- and put our efforts to evolve them to the best conditions.

We designed and produced our selvedge denim and gabardine fabrics in those machines and started to present them under Loomers name.

Crafting history by hand, with you.

The Loomers collection expresses Sharabati Denim’s commitment to celebrating denim heritage while valuing the artisan craftsmanship that goes into producing uniquely attractive garments. Having located a number of original RUTI selvedge denim looms, we have lovingly restored them and set them to work in the hands of our specialist team.

4 meters of denim hourly.

The result is a range of artisan cotton fabrics with a touch of luxury that a true denim connoisseur will recognize and enjoy wearing for decades to come. Naturally soft with a tighter, denser weave, our selvedge denims are durable and their color fades gently over time, taking on the wearer’s character and creating an attractive vintage look.

Sharabati Denim will be participating in the pattern-making workshop with Alessio Berto during the next Denim PV show in Berlin at the end of May.

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Visit our page on the Première Vision Marketplace and meet the team at Arena Berlin during the next Denim PV show from May 31 to June 1.

Follow us on Instagram @sharabati.denim and Linkedin and visit our website for more info.

Contact: Dr. Dilek Erik
Global Marketing Manager
+90 533 277 0229

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