Decodings SS25 Designs: XXL Minimalism

Offering a contrast to the abundance and richness of digital illustrations, a range of designs pay tribute to craftsmanship and the trace of the hand. Line drawings and cut-outs that, with their pure simplicity, manage to stir the emotions. When applied to textiles, these minimalist designs also require fewer pigments in printing, reducing the environmental footprint while creating strong visual impact: minimalism on an XXL scale.

Naive Bi-Color Designs

Solid colors seem to be cut out and reassembled in two-tone combinations. Naive shapes in bright pastel shades evoke animal motifs, or landscapes that are simplified to the point of abstraction.

Line-Drawn Florals

Restrained, poetic, line-drawn florals present single motifs in different styles, from detailed designs recalling scientific illustrations, to more stylized versions. Two-tone combinations come in natural shades (such as black lines on a beige ground) as well as contrasting combos of vivid colors for a psychedelic mood, with supersized textured florals that evoke upholstery fabrics.

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