Decodings SS25 Designs: Multiplication

Mutation, the central theme of the SS25 season, pays tribute to the resilience of nature. Everywhere, on every scale, life develops and multiplies in an infinite cycle. A direction that plays out graphically in abundant accumulations and proliferations.

The living world

Geometric patterns combine and superimpose, playing on microscopic scales. In pencil, pastel or digital renderings, these assemblages undulate in warm (pinks and violets), cool (greens and blues) and neutral shades. Contrasting combinations that seem to vibrate and move, creating kinetic art-style optical illusions.

Tangled foliage

The expressiveness of nature is also reflected this season on another scale with plant motifs. Already present last season, here they take on the appearance of mirages. Exotic, luxuriant palm leaves criss-cross and intertwine. The use of transparency and solarization creates illusions that trick the eye. In terms of color, shades of green are complemented by warm, artificial hues, for a psychedelic take on the plant world.

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