AW 24-25 Leather: Natural & Iconic

Leather revisits its classics. The intrinsic beauty of the material, its character and grain, are enhanced by fine, vibrant finishes. For durable leathers that improve with age and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Iconic grains are revisited, including the crisp natural grains of classic goatskin and deerskin. Drummed grains accentuate the natural textures of the hides. Round, firm handles look to the vegetal.


Patinas and colorations are subtly applied. Full-grain leathers are enhanced with aniline finishes. Subtle two-tone effects, pull-ups and bleached grains embellish hides while remaining true to their original appearance. Waxes bring out the grain and highlight the character of the hide. 

Leathers used for apparel feature textures and finishes emblematic of leatherworking. Their authentic appearance contrasts with the lightness of the hides. The new generation of vegetable-tanned leathers diversifies their applications with unprecedented suppleness and stretch, ideal for use in garments. 


Wood, a key theme for this season’s textiles and accessories, also inspires the world of leather. Decorative or textural, wood grain patterns enliven the surface of hides, venturing into the realms of plants and their structures.  

Among the techniques used are very pronounced pull-ups with vein-like aspects, sanding with a two-tone effect, and retracted grains so irregular they emulate bark.  

Focus: Black & White

In line with this rustic, precious theme, leathers with a mineral look translate naturalness into a more urban universe. Graphic black and white patterns enter a third dimension thanks to sheepskin hides and permanent crinkled effects.  

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