AW 24-25 Leather: Shoes & Sneakers

The popularity of sneakers continues unabated, confirming a long-term trend. Sneakers are a new essential worn by all generations, for all purposes, and at all price levels. 

To meet this demand, luxury alternatives to Sport & Tech products flourish. Leathers come in pop colors and technical looks. Some are smooth and rubbery with a perfect matte finish, while others are embossed to simulate the latest generation of textiles.

Rubber-Like Leather

The line between leather and technical fabrics is blurring. Smooth, matte, rubber-like leathers seem to transcend their animal origins.

Sheepskins worked on the flesh side and smooth or grained leathers sport a perfect matte finish, while other nappa leathers are lightly waxed for a flawless finish. 

The result is a modern, technical look that lends itself to unique applications.


Precise, systematic embossing gives skins the look of intricate weaving. Textile weaves are perfectly reproduced to create veritable textile trompe l’œils. By playing with patterns and scales, these leathers can be combined with textiles, allowing for great creativity in footwear that combines the attributes of sneakers with those of dress shoes. 

Braiding is also back, with offerings in leather, textiles, or a mix of the two. 

Focus: Sneaker Accessories

As the sneaker market expands, the range of accessories grows season by season. Accessories dedicated to sneakers are increasing in number, style and originality. This season, the focus is on matte finishes that transcend product categories. Rubber touches are combined with enameled or frosted metals to create mixed material trompe-l’œil effects.

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