AW 24-25 Leathers

For Autumn-Winter 24-25, leather honors its intrinsic qualities while exploring its potential. Embracing both traditional techniques and technical innovations, it satisfies every need. 

The season’s finished leathers borrow from textile techniques, taking on a precious aspect, with an ornamental couture mood. New metallizations come in a wide range of colors and delicately play with light. Platinum in particular imposes itself as the metallic color of the season.

Veritable building materials, more rigid leathers invite designers to imagine highly-refined pieces. Hides pay homage to the world of silk through their satin sheen, caviar grains inspire sophisticated plays on contrasts, and new developments dedicated to ready-to-wear favor softness and tactility. 

Natural & iconic, leathers reveal their intrinsic qualities. Grain and patina treatments highlight the uniqueness of the hides, with transparent finishes. Natural patterns give skins a vegetal and mineral appeal. 

The sneaker market continues to grow, inspiring dedicated material developments. Matte and ultra-mechanically embossed leathers mimic technical textiles, while accessories and components experiment with matte aspects and rubbery textures.

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