Autumn-Winter 23-24: Men’s footwear

The Bag & Shoes accessories for Autumn-Winter 23-24 are testimony to the strong desire for escape and freedom driving the menswear wardrobe. Without renouncing comfort, footwear illustrates this new momentum for a more hybrid fashion that dares to shrug off the notions of gender. City and Outdoor codes overlap to offer boldly radical products that embrace fervent creativity and unlimited audacity as their only watchwords. The timeless products of the category are playful, working on the impact of color and materials. Between the intensity of black and the opulence of accessory components, the grunge influence maintains its provocative status while gaining in confidence and sophistication.  

Exceptional timeless 

The shoes of the season form part of the new urban silhouette which is skillfully cultivating comfort and timeless elegance. An influence that is characterized by the desire to traverse different eras, without making direct reference to them. Proportions and cuts are reused with elements of surprise added to them through the prism of materials and colors in particular.

Variable geometry

This first theme relates to a focus on form. Urban emblematics, derbies and moccasins draw on square or rounded constructions, conjugated with details such as enlarged tongues. They are made from leathers embossed or printed with micro-geometric designs and sometimes combined with colored welts. These leathers draw on intense colors that showcase the grain of the skin, deliberately left visible. Preppy loafers play with a thick platform, matching the colors of the heel or the plateau in woven multicolor with geometric buckles in recycled plastic.

Child’s play

The power of the color attracts the eye like a pop-inspired and optimistic flashback, turning the season’s shoes into items of fun. This retro, but never nostalgic influence, adopts color blocks and sections of cleverly-clashing colors. Models are inspired by sport and allow themselves a mix & match of materials and details that playfully run the risk of being too much. Composite foam soles are deliberately bold and plump welts freely overflow. These models borrow from the construction of skate sneakers and are enriched with laces like sweets and candy. Inflated as much as possible, apres-ski boots are made from matt leathers imitating sports textiles such as neoprene. Accessorizing has a leading role with the addition of curly fur and regressive polars, shaped at the edges, along with incongruous objects. 


Outdoor low tech 

The Outdoor influence is cross-cutting all segments and easily finds its place within the season’s footwear. A way of reworking the Authentic spirit with a dash of the virtual for trainee gardeners and the digital workers of these modern times.

Tech gardener

The large Outdoor items have become one of the essential pieces of the season. This need for protection is materialized also in shoes, with a search for enhanced performance. Products poetically reinterpret the trend for water and forests to respond to new urban usages. Leathers offer great performance and have gummy, almost sensual textures. They can be used to create very high waders for no-gender fisherfolk and confidently face up to the extreme climate conditions of the cities of the future. In an even more poetic register, molded items like rain boots and country clogs attract the attention of trainee gardeners. They are reworked in authentic leathers with waxed or lacquered finishes.

Urban workers

Products are guaranteed to offer protection with a playful, colored touch to attract nomadic co-workers. Shoes show they are versatile in use and style. High-top, aerodynamic sneakers are made from solid and authentic oiled leathers, assembled with notched soles in an exciting pop color style. They include details referring to extreme sports. Ropes, rings and snap hooks, Velcro or multiple laces teem frenetically on sneakers in shades of earthy brown and chlorophyll green. The adventurer vibe continues with boots suitable for hiking that offer stylish comfort. Functional, they are made in water-repellent suede and decorated with many clasps.

Sophisticated grunge 

The AW 23-24 season maintains its provocative character while becoming more sophisticated. An attitude that is strengthened with the shoes of the season. Black and metallizations become the color stars and appear on opulently demonstrative details and shapes.

Intense black

The radicality of black is transposed in shoes with a plural intensity.

Imposing boots and shoes are given exaggeratedly rounded toes. Soles display stylized notching. Leathers alternate between matt and shiny appearances thanks to lacquered blots or scratches. The influence of speed and combat sports anchors details in a search for extreme precision. In a biker boot spirit, quilting and padding are placed on bottes and high-top sneakers. Brushed steel is in vogue and found on plates and screws inserted into soles. Multiple zips and clasps embellished with spherical studs interlock precisely, inspired by the world of mechanics. High boots, which have made firm inroads into the menswear wardrobe, are here produced in black patent leather to offer a total look in black.


Show off

Rock silhouettes are accompanied this season with exacerbated opulence. Boots rework the iconics of the genre. They are made from soft nappa leather, assembled on Cuban heels and decorated with a teeming abundance of jewels, diamanté and other stones. Square-toed cowboy boots are popular combined with a variety of metallizations. Exotic leathers in mercury silver or pure gold bring a frank opulence and give an indecent shine to wedge moccasins. Pointed derbies adopt a glam rock touch thank to calf leathers decorated with ornamental designs, ranging from ferocious animals to byzantine patterns. Accessories with a variety of historical influences are characterized by gunmetal appearances. Functional accessories – straps with buckles, zip pullers, buttons – are multiple and show-off on boots. They are decorated with finely-carved medieval embellishments and bring a mysterious atmosphere to the looks of the season.

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