Les jeunes ont besoin d’histoires

Delphine De Canecaude, co-director of BETC ETOILE ROUGE.




Millennials are the consumers of tomorrow, so naturally they’re of utmost interest to fashion brands. These last are highlighting artisanal crafts, because they’ve noticed that this work resonates with the young generation’s values. But they also understand that, more than ever, artisans need to tell their stories. Young people are eager for stories, and we often forget that they don’t necessarily know those that form part of our own heritage. Everyone has heard of Coco, but millennials don’t necessarily know who Gabrielle Chanel was. They don’t know about her journey, her creative force… Luxury brands have to educate this young generation, to connect them to their history. The runway shows Chanel dedicates to its artisan partners and the Christian Dior exhibition at the Musée des arts décoratifs both demonstrate that brands understand this. The enormous success of these events is proof of the passionate interest in this universe, provided the story is re-told in all its richness and time frame, and not in the endlessly fragmented way it once was.

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Maison d’Exceptions at the show :

– The space dedicated to ultra-creativity will bring together exceptional artisans, rare know-hows and spectacular creations. By accreditation only.

New : The « Villa Kujoyama » exhibition, presenting samples of textile creations developed by the residents of Villa Kujoyama in Japan. In collaboration with the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. Open to all.


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