Des fils aux performances isolantes pour une protection innovante

Public awareness of the climate and environmental emergency appears to be surging, and Première Vision Yarns exhibitors are ready with answers. An overview of insulating and sustainable solutions from five international exhibitors.

Proprietary 37.5® Cocona technology allows active particles to be built into yarns to ensure optimal regulation of body temperature, by naturally reducing humidity levels around the body. For over 20 years, Drirelease® technology has been used to give fabrics fast drying and insulating properties, whether through E.C.O. (Environmentally Correct Origins) fibres combining recycled polyester, organic cotton, lyocell and acetate, or drirelease® GEO COOL, where active particles derived from metal oxides provide a natural and optimal means of controlling body temperature.

These patented technologies designed to give yarns permanent, chemical-free properties come from the world of active sports; but now they’re attracting interest from major ready-to-wear and luxury brands who want climatic, insulating, versatile and sustainable yarns for casual and elegant fashions. Proof, if necessary, of the growing influence of the technical and sporting world on ready-to-wear for the city.

At Polyteks, insulating performance and environmental concern go hand in hand. In addition to the eco-friendly POLY-eco® and POLY-easy® ranges, this Turkish polyester yarn specialist is readying the September launch of its new POLY-thermo yarn. Here, an innovative process creates a virtuous thermal circle (up to +13° between the body and the external environment) between the body’s thermal radiation and the insulating fabric. Perfect for active wear, sportswear and the home, this yarn could also find creative uses in casual wear and urban fashion.

The same trend is found at the Portuguese leader in technical yarns, TEARFIL, whose range of ecological and high-performance yarns is enriched by two unique yarns: TFIL5885BC (90% Recycled PES GREEN / 10% Corebrid™ Thermocatch™) and TFIL3275BC (44% Micro PES / 35% TREVIRA BIOACTIVE™ / 21% OUTLAST™). The first uses carbon properties to actively convert solar heat into thermal energy; the second creates a dynamic thermo-regulating circuit to provide optimal protection and comfort throughout the day, via a microcapsular technology (Outlast®) initially developed by NASA.

Achieving optimum skin comfort while respecting the planet: this was the challenge met by UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber®. UMORFIL® bionic technology uses recycled materials to integrate marine amino acids and peptides into fibres such as viscose at the supramolecular level, creating a wide range of functional bionic fibres whose softness and natural heat-regulating and deodorizing features are perfect ingredients for active wear, bedding and second skin fabrics.

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