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Dense but soft, compact but fluid, voluminous but restrained: in fabrics as in accessories, trends for the next winter season point to body and volume as markers of elegance and distinction.



Dense and compact, the double weaves in lightly stretch cotton from Italy’s Ricciarini Tessile have surprisingly smooth, super-soft peach-skin handles, obtained by carbon brushing. With their noteworthy weights (600 grams), structured fabrics like these are heralding the return of seamed winter jackets with refined lines.

Italy’s Rilmetal Accessories confirms the return of weight and substance in the accessories universe, as seen in the sizeable volumes (45-50 mm) of their technical, galvanized-zamak belt buckles. Inspired by the technical and sporty universe, they lend a perfect modern touch to classic and elegant accessories.

At French tanner Didier Lieutard, the return to body and substance in leathers for bags and leather goods goes well with the company’s vegetable tannings – an intrinsic part of its DNA for some 25 years. The resulting leathers feature natural effects highlighting the unique grain and texture of each goat skin.

For Stib19, the combination of body and fluidity reflects the rising influence of the technical and sport world in casual and elegant fashions. The Italian weaver’s 540-gram viscose and polyester fabric is perfect for trenches or casual jackets. It combines a dry and springy handle, typical of the aesthetic design of sportswear, with the natural fluidity of viscose.

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