Au fil du recyclage

Responsibility and transparency together help us move towards a new generation of values. Since 2015, Première Vision’s Smart Creation program has been offering concrete actions and a platform to promote virtuous approaches in the fields of responsible creation and production. Filasa, Huafu Fashion, Inovafil and Safilin, all ambassadors of Smart Creation at Première Vision Yarns, are distinguished by their commitment to adopting and developing natural, recyclable and recycled materials.

For Huafu Fashion,, attaining a harmony between the textile industry and the environment is a goal that has guided its development since its founding. From recycled polyester and cotton to organic and BCI cotton, through dope-dye polyester/rayon, Tencel, EcoVeroTM and cationic cotton, the large selection of certified eco-friendly materials developed by this Chinese company has helped it to develop over time a sustainable production chain marked by consistent water savings and very high standards of traceability. At the forefront of promoting recycled polyester and cotton with its RegenteTM  brand, Huafu Fashion works on a daily basis to broaden its range of green fibres and highlight both the ecological virtues and quality of yarns derived from the processing of post-consumer bottles and fashion industry waste.

LenzingTM EcoVeroTM, TencelTM, Lyocell fibres with RefibraTM technology, recycled polyester and organic or recycled cotton – the wide array of recycled and natural fibres developed by Filasa opens up new fields of textile design, which also corresponds to a new circular economy model made all the more necessary by current climate and environmental imperatives.


At France’s linen specialist Safilin, environmental awareness is a natural part of the company’s DNA. By choosing to use only linen produced and processed in Europe (100% Master of Linen certification and 100% European flax sourcing), Safilin stands out for its minimal carbon footprint, as well as a « zero waste » philosophy that makes recycling a constant throughout the entire production chain. At Safilin, all things linen are good – even the dust from internal vacuuming, which is transformed into combustion bricks for heating.

Guided by principles of honesty, transparency and environmental and social responsibility, the Portuguese company  Inovafil  rounds out its yarn offer with a remarkably wide range of recycled, natural and responsible fibres: organic and recycled cotton, Repreve® recycled polyester, cupro, EcoVeroTM, Tencel RefibraTM, hemp, as well as kapok and nettle. Winner of the iTechStyle prize awarded by Citeve for its innovative research into nettle fibres, Inovafil has also recently won the COTEC-BPI SME innovation prize.

From recycling post-consumer waste to zero waste production, natural fibres to responsible processes, the paths to sustainability are endless and ever broadening.

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