Abeille Road – Le fil et les abeilles

The name Abeille Road conjures up the idea of Provence, a region known for its bees, and home to the brand’s two creators Jeanne Biehn Sall and Emma Garcin.

Emerging with a rich experience from some of the biggest fashion houses – Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten, Hermès – these two young women launched their own label, Abeille Road, producing bright and colourful scarves which are both chic and unconventional.

Inspired by their travels, Emma and Jeanne studied different cultures with a keen eye during their pilgrimages and built up a knowledge of textile crafts practised across the globe.

They went to Nepal, a country where Emma set up a weaving workshop: Nilo, which means both blue and peace in Nepalese. The Abeille Road products are hand woven on wooden looms, second hand or custom made to deliver the large quantities of fabric – some weave up to three meters wide. Each weave is unique, reflecting the mood of the worker. The employees of the Nilo workshop are mostly men, with a tradition of weaving in their families, who come from Darjeeling to Katmandou to find work. With this enterprise, Abeille Road intends to contribute to and to protect the local ancestral crafts which are passed down from generation to generation.

Working with noble materials, principally cashmere and silk, Abeille Road also adventurously uses more unusual materials such as yak or camel and favours innovative mixes, putting yak and silk together for example. The dyes are also handmade and differ subtly from one lot to the next depending on the subjective appreciation that the worker has with the colours or the ambient humidity.

The uniqueness and purity of the materials are twisted to create classic designs which are well founded in the present day: Abeille Road asserts its dynamic and audacious character with its products of very high quality which carry the stigmata of local and intelligent craftsmanship.

Abeille Road Dyeing

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