EVERSAVE, effective innovation through process optimisation

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Zaitex, a 50-year Italian chemical company trading dyes & auxiliaries and committed in the R&D for their best application on an industrial basis, believes chemistry is a complex matter to manage in the most responsible way possible.


Zaitex Design

It is an action plan designed to lower the overall environmental impact in garment dyeing and finishing processes and successfully achieve effective results through the optimization of those processes. 

EVERSAVE gathers innovative solutions developed to be applied with the latest technologies, made up of certified dyes and auxiliaries, having three main goals: to save water, energy and time

What are the different dyeing processes?

In respect of such promise, concerning garment dyeing and finishing, ZAITEX fine-tuned different dyeing processes with several advantages:  

  • ZETALIGHT process includes dischargeable dyes for a super vintage look, high-build up and no salt required during the dyeing; 
  • ZETATERRA is a process involving mineral pigments of natural source enabling low-temperature dyeing (max 50°C), no salt required and low liquor ratio of the dyebath; 
  • ZETACORE is a top-notch process for multiple eco-friendly fashion effects: no or less salt required, low-temperature dyeing, high overall fastness results, allowing different dischargeability outcomes with ozone or substitute of PP and optional laser step. 
Zaitex Eversave

Zaitex and denim production

Denim Zaitex

With reference to denim production, ZAITEX has a full range of auxiliaries for any crucial step. Just to list a few, regarding the enzyme wash, ZETALASE DRY-P is a water-less enzyme that allows a stone wash effect at room temperature, requiring less water than usual treatment. 

For the bleaching step, an energy and time-saving product is ZETAKIN DRY-O, ozone enhancer that emphasizes the washing effect while keeping unaltered the blue cast, for a real vintage effect with a high level of reproducibility. 

Likewise, ZETAKIN LST is a laser improver for a natural denim look after laser treatment, able to enhance it with less rinse and water consumption required. 

EVERSAVE belongs to The Z-WAY, the green approach ZAITEX adopted as a proper sustainability declaration. A path to walk along with our Customers towards a lower environmental impact within industrial supply chain in textiles to maximize positive results. Visit 

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