Where to now?

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Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground in a surprising way in the lives of people and industries. It is increasingly clear that natural resources are becoming scarce. Planet Earth is struggling to sustain the aggressive production of various industries, which are already concerned with solving this challenge without further damaging our biggest home: planet Earth.

It is expected that in the near future, artificial intelligence will be adopted as a facilitator of new forms of creativity. Human imagination will be valued as a tool to solve problems, promote innovation, and provide an escape during the current poly-faceted crisis we are experiencing.

However, the use of Artificial Intelligence is controversial. We know that its use can be beneficial to humanity, but it also hides its dangers.

AI-generated creations are images so realistic that it becomes difficult to distinguish the difference between what is real or illusion. “WHERE TO NOW?”, reflects the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and human creativity, exploring the interaction between these two fascinating domains and their influences on fashion and art. To begin with, we used the Midjourney platform to recreate images under the guidance of a Creative Director. The result was a collection of four images that capture TRIMALHAS’ vision of the culture and essence of the cities.

We are not simply portraying physical places, but rather conveying concepts and cultures that define these specific locations. Our goal is to spark thoughtful consideration of this topic and therefore we invited artist and textile designer, Archie Dickens, to create his personal interpretation of the concept “WHERE TO NOW?” The result is four works of art manually produced, using our raw material. This artistic approach combines the topic of artificial intelligence with the human and individual expression of the artist.

Today, the internet and new technologies make us feel as if we are part of the same place, without ever having left. We are so far away, but at the same time so close, even if we each have our own world. The sub-themes of “WHERE TO NOW?” represent cities that, due to their technology, identity or strong concern for sustainability and the environment, have inspired us to create our own collection. This collection aspires to those influences that are, in a way, making the world a more evolved and different place.


Trimalhas chose Archie Dickens, fashion and textile designer graduated in London and living in Lisbon, for a collaboration in order to interpret our new collection. Dickens’ choice aligns perfectly with the upcoming autumn/winter 2024 knitwear trends, which emphasize unique and environmentally conscious luxury pieces.

By collaborating with a local artist, Trimalhas is able to reference the surrounding environment and strengthen a sense of community through teamwork, consent and co-design. Furthermore, Dickens’ emphasis on craftsmanship and eco-friendly practices elevates the work significantly and the message that Trimalhas aims to convey through its collections. Dickens is creative and surprising. Through his vision, he interprets the 4 worlds of “WHERE TO NOW?” in 4 knitted sculptures from the new Fall Winter 2024/2025 collection.

His work will be on display at the TRIMALHAS stand 5R31 at Première Vision in Paris.

TRIMALHAS is a textile company that creates the most intricate and beautiful knitwear so that designers around the world can be inspired to create knitwear with responsible production. 

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