Trend Report Autumn-Winter 24-25 : Sport & Outdoor

When sport fabrics hit the city, they break out silky looks and sophisticated textures with a couture influence, backed by the graphic fantasy of either meticulously detailed or enthusiastically expressive designs. They boast a blend of multi-performance, multi-purpose efficiency, in tune with city living and its specific needs, with increasingly sophisticated, sustainable compositions and finishes. 

Couture Influence

When technical fabrics turn silky, a remarkable display unfolds: a merging of haute couture with haute performance. Almost impenetrably compact and impervious to the elements, carapace-like satins, calendared fabrics and coated textiles boast rich mother-of-pearl and metallic reflections. These fabrics inspire the creation of voluminous silhouettes, infused with sophisticated luminosity, punctuated by shiny zips and jewel-like accessories. Echoing silky crepes, protective synthetics flaunt micro-grains with a flaky, matt finish. Their dry handles evoke the crisp sound of footsteps in the snow, trembling at the slightest movement. A new generation of protective items to usher in luxuriously elevated skiwear, complemented by elegantly streamlined accessories.

Sustainable Compositions and Finishings

Today’s labels are being peeled back, scrutinized for everything from the materials to finishing operations, from fabrics to plastic and metal components. Well versed in meeting challenges, sports fabrics have a head start on conventional solutions. Their compositions don’t just feature conventional recyclings –  today’s second-generation polyamides and polyesters now come in versions with accelerated biodegradability. To reduce the consumption of fossil resources, biopolymers are being developed in knits, weaves, membranes, and accessories. Another alternative to oil-based synthetics are natural materials with protective properties. Impregnations and wax treatments derived from bio-based waxes and vegetable oils are winning over waterproof fabrics. While on the climatic front, inherently insulating wools now rival synthetics. The use of natural-fiber based fleeces and jersey underlayers reduce the dispersion of plastic microparticles.

Fantasy steps into sport & outdoor

From fine lines to meticulously patterned checks, diamond or two-toned stitchings, high-precision designs epitomize the promise of uncompromising technical expertise. Sometimes just barely contrasting, or nestled in the guilloche textures of accessories, these tiny embellishments are for sharp eyes that know how to spot them.

In sudden contrast, chaotic tie-dyes, splatters and wild drips shift sharply into a dystopian beauty of cracked ice floes, tangled overlaps, and swirling formations. Much more striking than the usual camouflage, these artistic visions, rivaling satellite imagery, stir our awareness in the often too-perfect world of technical fabrics.

Multi-use, multi-performant

They provide ventilation while protecting from the rain, block UV rays and neutralize odors… these bundles of performance are nonetheless stretchy and comfortable, and good-looking too. The lightest of this new breed of fabrics are practically weightless, yet remain sturdy and opaque – ready to stand up to any weather conditions, easily packable when no longer needed, and at all times presentable. High-tenacity fibers, meanwhile, are going increasingly urban. Reassuringly long-lasting, resistant to abrasion and tears, these fabrics now feature all the suppleness and elegance to go from bike to office, outdoors to indoors.  Accessories keep pace as well, with performance features such as ultra-flat buttons and reflective details that are both discreet and highly functional.

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