“The Sustainable Enchantment of the Regenerated Lily”, a unique artistic experience at Denim PV

Reflecting on the Florentine lily

Lys régénéré Denim PV

Denim Première Vision is pleased to present a unique and extraordinary artistic experience : “The Sustainable Enchantment of the Regenerated Lily.” During the next edition of the show, on 5 & 6 June at Superstudio Più, Première Vision will showcase the artwork created by maestro artigiano Vittoria Valzania. This masterpiece is a faithful reproduction of the renowned Florentine lily, representing both the pinnacle of craftsmanship and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Every detail of the lily has been expertly crafted using solely denim scraps and reclaimed materials. This exceptional artwork not only embodies the intrinsic beauty of the Florentine lily but also underscores the significance of artisanal creativity.

“In the fabric of memories, upcycling becomes a work of art. Like an old pair of jeans transformed into a unique garment, each piece is reborn, telling a new story.”

Vittoria Valzania

A portrait of artist Vittoria Valzania

Vittoria Valzania, graduated from the Academy of Arts and Crafts of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, graduated in Fashion Culture and Stylism and specialized in Fabric and Costume Restoration, opened the Madame Flo Tailoring Laboratory in Florence in 2010 following the experience gained over many years of collaboration with the most prestigious Italian tailors specialised in the production of clothes for entertainment and cinema (Low Costume, Laboratorio Pieroni, Tirelli Costumi).

She works closely with the Historical Reenactments of the Municipality of Florence, Pisa, Orvieto and Scannagallo, with the Rotary Club and with Banca Mediolanum.

Since 2020 she has been teaching the historical costume and entertainment workshops at the prestigious Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio. She also carries out regular academic activities in collaboration with the Art Professions Observatory of Florence.

In 2021 she was awarded as an OMA craftsman by the CR Firenze Foundation and in 2022 she obtained the recognition of Master Craftswoman.

Vittoria Valzania

Vittoria Valzania will be at Denim Première Vision to present the mysterious story behind the creation of “The Sustainable Enchantment of the Regenerated Lily” during a talk in the Daylight Area of the Superstudio Più, on Wednesday 5 June from 3.30 pm.

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