The Return of Sartorial Style

While the 2010s hinted at its demise, and a rising tide of streetwear made it something of an endangered species, tailoring is now enjoying a comeback. After years of an increasingly casual influence, the resurgence of tailored elegance, with its fusion of craftsmanship and bespoke traditions, is once again leaving its mark on our wardrobes, without forfeiting the search for comfort.

Next-Gen Suitings

Traditional tailored items – blazers, suit pants, pencil skirts, tuxedos – reveal a look that’s at once structured and supple, a stylistic paradox favoring ease of movement. Style codes borrowed from the couture realm stand out in new-generation suitings boasting a malleable density. Stylized volumes paying homage to the art of tailoring are showcased in suit-weights boasting unprecedented densities and drapes.

Demystified Rigor

An interplay of novel constructions bloom in compact yet always undulating fabrics. Hybrid mixes of suitings and silkies are created, where the draping quality of silk pairs with the liveliness of wool. The result? Arrestingly long, lean, sprightly silhouettes with a lively rigor.  Cotton satins are anything but stiff, with a couture-like roundness suggesting sculptural, deceptively classic, pieces. Their ultra-fine, firmly set, and delicately emerized yarns recall the noble luxury of cashmere.

Fine, dense, subtly calandered wools evoke the firmness of organza, echoing the spirit of truly impeccable couture, reimagined for 2023. The icons of the silky universe, with their delicate luster and restrained shine, indiscriminately impact both men’s and women’s wardrobes, whose boundaries continue to blur.

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