Intelligent Cold Expansion Material (ICEM) keeps you comfortable intelligently in the wide range of conditions

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Established at Oct 2012, Shanghai Jiuyu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading functional and eco fabric supplier in China. We are a technology driven company, having the most advanced fabric finishing technologies in the world. Among them, there are Waterproof Breathable Technologies, Thermal Regulation Technologies, Channel Bonding Technologies and Natural Dye Technologies, etc.

After more than three years R&D and trials, we successfully developed Intelligent Cold Expansion Material (ICEM). It is a new thermal insulation which can automatically sense the temperature and adjust its shape. When the temperature decreases, ICEM will expand, thicken and switch to thermal insulation mode. When the temperature rises, ICEM will contract, flatten and switch to normal temperature mode.

Air is the substance with the largest volume change ratio of thermal expansion and contraction. Air content inside aerogel reaches 99.8%, which makes aerogel sensitive to temperature-induced volume changes. We create a special structure of high-purity aerogel in ICEM by using 3D printing technology. Depends on the temperature, air inside aerogel either expands or contracts, which makes ICEM thicken or flatten automatically.

ICEM is a green technology. It is completely driven by temperature to automatically change the thickness, without power, wires and control units. When ICEM expands, the amount of still air inside the clothing increases, so as to achieve thermal effect. According to the thermal insulation testing, we found that ICEM has excellent thermal properties, the warmth retention rate increased from 54.1% before expansion to 72.8% after expansion, and the CLO value also increased from 0.944 to 2.17.

Currently, annual production capacity of ICEM is about 2 million pieces. The size of each piece is 58.5CM X 50CM. ICEM can be used as insulation independently or used together with down or polyfill for best hand feel and thermal effect. Therefore, ICEM can be applied to a variety of winter clothing, including down jacket, wadded jacket, 3N1 jacket, sweater and so on.

Cold or warm, ICEM intelligently keeps you comfortable.

Want to know more?

Check out Jiuyu Textile’s website, our page on the Première Vision Marketplace and and meet the team at PV Paris Hall Fabrics Sport & Tech, on February 7 – 9, Hall 6, Booth 6K9.

Contact:Tony Li

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