The jury and finalists of the 38th edition of the Hyères fashion festival

The 38th edition of the International festival of fashion, photography and fashion accessories – Hyères will take place from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 October 2023 at the famous Villa Noailles. (Re)discover the prestigious names composing the jury, and the list of young designers selected for the final.

Who are the finalists of the 38th edition?

Coming from 8 different countries, the 10 young designers selected by the jury will present their collections in several runway shows during the festival. Some of them are accompanied by Première Vision exhibitors, who support their creations by providing samples.

38th Hyères Festival 2023

Tiago Bessa, Portugal
Partnering PV exhibitors: Riopele, Soieries Cheval, Emmetex Etichettificio
Alec Rhys Bizby, United Kingdom
Fengyuan Dai, France
Partnering PV exhibitors: Emmetex Etichettificio, Fox Brothers, Inseta, Safilin, Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Action Maille, Linopersempre
Igor Dieryck, Belgium
Partnering PV exhibitors: Labels & Things – L&t Caps, Libeco, Beppetex, Rifra Nastri
Petra Fagerstrom, Suède
Leevi Ikäheimo, Finland
Partnering PV exhibitors: Labels & Things – L&t Caps, Rifra Nastri
Jung Eun Lee, South Korea
Partnering PV exhibitors: Desserto, Emmetex Etichettificio, Riopele , Libeco
Norman Mabire-Larguier, France
Partnering PV exhibitors: Emmetex Etichettificio
Bo Kwon Min, South Korea
Partnering PV exhibitors: Emmetex Etichettificio
Marc Sanz Pey, Spain

The fashion jury of the 2023 International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories – Hyères

The newly formed jury of the 38th edition of the festival met at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris on 25th January 2023 to choose the ten finalists of the competition.

Charles de Vilmorin
Président du jury mode

Hubert Barrère
Artistic Director, Maison Lesage
Daphné Bürki
TV Host, actress, stylist
Pierre de Maere
Songwriter, composer, singer
Babeth Djian
Founder and Director of Numéro Magazine

Flora Fishbach
Songwriter, composer, singer
Sophie Fontanel
Fashion editor and writer
Antoine Gagey
General Manager, Jean-Paul Gaultier
Bilal Hassani
Artist, songwriter, composer, singer
Alice Moitié
Photographer, director
Jenny Hytönen
Grand Prix of the jury Première Vision 2022

Jean-Pierre Blanc, directeur de la villa Noailles, à Hyères

“Première Vision, a long-standing partner of the Hyères Festival since 2011, and whose Grand Prix of the Jury bears the name, offers, with the support of the manufacturers and exhibitors at Première Vision Paris, a professional dimension and quality to the collections of the 10 finalists competing in the international festival of fashion, photography and fashion accessories – Hyères.”

Jean-Pierre Blanc, Director of the Villa Noailles

Fashion competition – 38th Hyères festival

For over 11 years, Première Vision has been a partner of the celebrated festival of young fashion designers, to support textile creativity while helping to discover emerging talents destined to shape the creative industries of tomorrow.

To this end, Première Vision has welcomed the 10 finalists in the Fashion Competition and the 10 selected for the Fashion Accessories prize for the 38th Festival to the Première Vision Paris show in February. The finalists have thus enjoyed privileged access to products from the world’s best yarn, fabric and accessory companies.

Join us in Hyères from 12 to 15 October 2023 to discover the winner of the Première Vision Grand Prix du Jury, and from 6 to 8 February 2024 at the Première Vision Paris show, where the winner will unveil his or her collection during an exclusive exhibition.

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