The Blossom PV campaign in a field of azaleas

Blossom Première Vision, a premium discovery place for luxury pre-collections, returns on 14 & 15 December in the heart of Paris. And a new show means a new seasonal campaign. For this new edition, the image of the show has been entrusted to the duo formed by the stylist Giada Grazioli and the photographer Gabriela Bluske, for a soft and flowery campaign that transports Blossom in the middle of a field of azaleas.

We caught up with Giada Grazioli to find out the secrets behind the show’s new image from the “My Good Place” editorial.

The new Blossom campaign by Giada Grazioli & Gabriela Bluske

What is the story behind this image?

Giada Grazioli: “In the editorial ‘My good place’, as reflected in the title, we wanted to recreate a space of refuge for the female character, a place where she is free and whole, where she immerses herself in nature and takes it over to make it her special place. Immersed in her own world, she enjoys all her senses. The beauty of her world is total, she perceives both the beautiful aroma of the azaleas and the smell of the rain-soaked ground. She contemplates the sunrise and sunset, listens and feels the wind and is able to perceive all the textures of her environment, all the elements become hers. In the final photos, we discover with her the beauty that exists around us and that we are often not able to detect or are not conscious of perceiving or taking the time to do so.”

What was the outfit inspired by?

Giada Grazioli: “This look represents the simplicity of that moment, made magical by the environment that surrounds her, like a country girl whose first act on leaving the house is to run through the bushes, an instinctive and simple gesture but one that makes her life lighter and more carefree. The fabrics of this outfit are natural and recall the colors of the place.”

Where was the photo taken?

Giada Grazioli: “The photos are taken in the area where I live, Verbania, Italy, in an abandoned field where people used to ride horses many years ago. The place is surrounded by old crops of azaleas and rhododendrons never sold, which have become real wonders to watch in May.”

You often set your pictures in nature, why is that?

Giada Grazioli: “My land. This is where I get inspiration for my projects, where I relax while walking with my dogs, where I can mentally escape from the rest of the world, where I am completely immersed and in harmony with my surroundings, as is the model Marta in this photograph. It is no coincidence that after taking these photographs I discovered that the azalea represents pure love, a sudden and unexplained joy, a completely feminine flower. I have always been attracted to the natural world, I like to observe plants and learn about their habits that change according to the season.”

Giada Grazioli @giadagrazioli
Gabriela Bluske @gabrielabluske

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