Talk – Turning to Denim During Times of Uncertainty

In fashion, it’s difficult to find a category as long-standing, worn and loved the world over as denim. Transcending across cultures, genders, classes, and generations, denim has become an iconic staple for the masses. As a powerful symbol of longevity, strength and grit, it’s no surprise that denim has withstood two centuries of change and uncertainty and has repeatedly proven its ability to reinvent itself time and time again. Appealing to the most essential needs of its wearers, denim has always been a pillar of security in a word fret with tension.

As the industry prepares to face a looming recession, rising inflation rates and the ongoing threat of future economic challenges, it makes sense that denim — notably a symbol of resilience — would continue its trajectory of perseverance through these challenging times. As the denim industry continues to evolve through change, we see the reclaiming of craftsmanship, recontextualized heritage, and fresh modes of D.I.Y creativity ushering in a new era of denim.

In this presentation, Fashion Snoops’ Director of Materials Nia Silva will examine how these major cultural and lifestyle shifts are impacting and driving newness in the denim industry, creating a clear guide to the coming season.

30 min talk presented by Nia Silva, Director of Materials at Fashion Snoops’

Wednesday 23 NOVEMBER at 12:30 am CET

Talk Area – in English

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