SUBLITEX (Miroglio Group) presents the fabric collection “URBAN”

The innovative collection of fabrics and knits printed and finished completely water free and energy saving, in the sign of sustainability.

New York, 30th June – In a world where the attention is increasingly oriented towards sustainability and environment respect, Sublitex has decided to take a further step in Research and Development by developing “URBAN”, the innovative collection of fabrics and knits dedicated to the world of Fashion and Active Wear.

Always attentive to new printing technologies, Sublitex has expanded its production plant in Alba (Province of Cuneo, Italy) with a new and modern finishing department for water-free based fabrics.

According to the research “Corporate Social Investment and Esg – Global Impact at scale” by Dynamo Academy and SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab (conducted globally on a sample that includes 213 Italian companies) the attention to sustainability is growing for Italian companies: 59% have established an Esg (environmental, social, and corporate governance) committee, in line with 61% of global companies. As evidence in Sublitex, the company has strengthened its production capacity through sustainable processes such as ink recovery, reuse of cylinders and reduction of energy consumption.

“With the aim of further implementing the sustainable impact of production processes, we created a revolutionary process that uses absolutely no water. Our mission is not limited to purchasing sustainable raw materials free of hazardous substances, we focus primarily on respecting the health of the people who work in our company and the environment around us. That’s also the reason why we decided to publish our first Sustainability Report, a process of continuous improvement that requires perseverance, time and commitment. “
Giuseppe Lano, CEO Sublitex

With this groundbreaking technology, Urban boasts a considerable reduction of energy and CO2 emissions: polyester and recycled poly fabrics are printed with sublimation process, completely water free, while the natural or mixed fibers are printed with a revolutionary pigment digital inks that has advantages in terms of environmental impact over reactive inks.

Thanks to the ability of creating synergies in the group, Sublitex may offer the transfer printing façon service guaranteeing maximum flexibility, speed and excellence. By collaborating with M360, the business unit of Miroglio Group dedicated to the all-round production of garments, we are able to create, modify and revamp designs according to customer needs, from the small garment manufacturer to the large retailer.”
Ettore Formento, Textile Division Manager of Sublitex

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