Stella Blu presents its second denim collection made without indigo and laundry processes

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On last November Stella Blu announced with pride to become the first Denim mill in the world to have adopted the use of NTX Cooltrans — the revolutionary waterless coloration technology applied and tweaked to produce authentic denim & colored denim fabrics look. Meet Stella Blu on the Denim PV show in Milan on 5 & 6 June to discover the brand’s new collection entitled « WOW World Of Wonders Dye Technology Collection ».

World of Wonders Denim PV
Stella Blu new collection

The coloration process happens with extreme precision and consistency every time and is applicable to almost any fabrics, natural, cellulose-based or synthetics man-made without the need for heat and over 90% reduction in water usage without compromising the fabric’s engineered feel or functional performance. 

After its debut, the company received an overwhelming reaction from Brands as well as industry peers and vendors. Now rebranded under the name “WOW World-Of-Wonders Dye Technology Collection”, Stella Blu developed its second round of creations using its new gained insights and expertise bringing this revolutionary concept to a whole new level.

Conventional denim has an extensive use of water, heat and chemicals starting from the initial processes of fabric making—dyeing yarns into several indigo baths—all the way down to laundry processes to create that vintage distressed look. Within our “WOW World-Of-Wonders Dye Technology Collection”, we are able to completely eliminate these two processes – clients are astonished by the results and almost simultaneously exclaim the word “Wow!” after learning more about it – this inspired us to rebrand the collection to “WOW World Of Wonders Dye Technology”, said Marco Stefanelli—director of marketing & business development at Stella Blu. We start from a white PFD fabric and then the coloration process happens without heat at both sides simultaneously in only one single pass—the front face gets the printed washed/vintage look and the back side face gets printed with the twill line or any other pattern the client’s desire.

Stella Blu WOW
Stella Blu World of Wonders

Many denim brands today maintain extensive material libraries, consisting of well over 500 different types of fabric, solely for the purpose of achieving a desired look. With Stella Blu “WOW World Of Wonders Dye Technology Collection”, the aesthetic is completely independent of the fabric composition. By calibrating the process to a specific fabric base, brands can achieve a wide range of aesthetics on a single twill type, resulting in tremendous costs savings.

This technology opens up extremely exciting possibilities in at least 3 critical areas: 1-Sustainability, 2-Speed-to-Market, 3-SKUs reduction. Allowing the creation of authentic denim looks without the use of indigo and industrial laundry processes it drastically reduces its environmental impact with big savings in water, energy and dye-stuff. Clients can then use a single greige quality and print nearly infinite combination of aesthetics. By doing so, they drastically improve speed to market with much lower SKUs. 

Come meet the team on Denim Première Vision, stand D6

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