Decodings SS25 Fabrics: Shirting

Suppleness, ease and lightness across the board! Shirtings make a break for freedom, embracing transparency and fluidity for both women’s and men’s fashions. Elegance doesn’t rule out relaxation – and this season’s shirtings are all about freshness, from textures, to fiber blends and weights.

Light transparency

Shirtings are lighter, airier. Whether supple or glazed, threaded voiles, gauze stripes and tiny tone-on-tone dobbies have all the delicacy of a trousseau, while the formalism of yarn-dyed stripes grows softer when in contact with cellulosics, with a caressing, acidic fluidity.

Rural chic

Cloqué, straw-like, irregular yet neat, handkerchief checks, pastoral stripes, lightweight tickings and seersuckers in cotton, linen and hemp blends have a fresh country air, filtering light through their fine textures. Relaxed and easygoing, they have the understated luxury of the simple and true.


Dried in the open air, faded by the sun, chambrays, peasant checks, end-and-end stripes and workwear shirtings are even more beautiful when freshly washed. As it bleaches, indigo reveals subtle nuances with Japanese accents, like ikats and katagami.

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