Decodings SS25 Decoration: Prints

Prints grow blurrier, even elusive. They go from botanical to more geometric motifs, but are always somewhat faded, slightly distorted. In a different register, floral and greenery designs are stretched to the point of being abstract, revealing a new imagery language.

Botanical evanescence 

Floral motifs in pastel, almost washed-out hues, go all in for evanescence. Blurry petals recall watercolor paintings, and seem to evaporate under our very eyes. Fleeting, volatile lines delicately fade and vanish on fabrics. Pigments dissolve and intermingle like ink stains on blotting paper, creating transparent effects. Here, we catch a glimpse of delicate flowers hand-painted in the style of a botanical herbarium; there, ethereal, almost hybrid abstract shapes, echoing the transformation of a chrysalis. Whitened, slightly milky colors envelop compositions in a vaporous aura.

Minimal XXL 

Floral and plant prints go in for a graphic minimalism, in a quite painterly approach. Each stroke is precise, capturing the very essence of the subject. Intense, primary swaths of color spread across the fabrics, with two- or three-tone chromatic blends favoring contrast. Worked in these spectacular proportions, stretched-out patterns immediately catch the eye. In their sheer multiplicity, greenery and vegetation verge on abstraction.

Hazy geometrics 

Motifs embrace either a geometric precision or a blurry look. Checks seem to literally dissolve into the fabric, others are blurry and streaked through with white yarns, radically transforming their look. Geometric figures can be erratically perturbed, erasing or distorting some lines to create an almost trippy, psychedelic look. Colors layered in strata interact in subtle ways, almost rippling across the fabric.

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