SS24 Color range : Preview

The Spring-Summer 2024 color range encourages us to discover a variety of options and solutions, balanced between dream and reality.

Its force of attraction is amplified by luminosity. This new radiance gives off a stimulating energy and multiplies color’s power of influence.

Harmonies are composed vertically and horizontally, offering a two-way reading, for a season rich in multiple multicolored interactions. Combinations that suggest versatile uses and offer new, customizable possibilities.

The vertical lines express the season’s 4 concepts through color, with:

Versatile shades, between melancholic and enchanting, with greyish and elegant nuances. Uncertain shades, interrupted tones, indicators of changing states, between substance and evanescence, for materials as rich as they are varied, between metal and vapor. For troubling blends, blurry visuals and surprising handles. Random tones with ambiguous pigmentations evoking murkiness,  and turning doubt into a creative fertilizer. 

Image credit: “Negativity”, 2022 ©Ben DiNino

A stimulating energy grabs hold of the color range with Radiant luminosities. An idyllic paleness transports liveliness into radiant softness with a palette of artificial pastels tracing out the utopia of a light and tender future. A magical escape into a land of supernatural vibrations and digital gleam. The fantasy of a sophisticated, digital Eden that surpasses the usual codes of RGB on a black background, and proposes a new chromatic alphabet.

Image credit: ©Alex Valentina @alexvxvxvxvx

The power of attraction of the colors is also conveyed by the generosity of additive-free tones. This is a nourishing and Quiet naturalness. With elemental shades that fluctuate between a precious neutrality and rudimentary pigmentations – between the cold, light-infused nuances of solar yellows, brownish and humid warm earths, and sparingly tinted raw shades. A soft restraint found in virtuous natural fibers, ultra-clean leathers and functional accessories.

Image credit: Digital Dust ©Noor Nuyten / photo Gert Jan van Rooij. Courtesy Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam

Color is rendered almost sacred by a Magnetic intensity with powerful vibrations. The pigmentary overload of deep brights absorbs light, while darks are dramatic, nourished by steeped macerations. Color pigments seemingly erupted from a subterranean energy with mystical accents.

Image credit: ©Michal Fargo

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