SS 25: Milky Yellow decoded by Peclers Paris

As the leading consulting agency in creative strategy and prospective trends (fashion, beauty, design & lifestyle), Peclers Paris accompanies brands to shape their future, reveal their singularity and develop more desirable products, services and experiences. For a positive and committed future.

Elisabeth Prat Dard, Fashion Tends Director. 

As a member of the Executive Committee, Elisabeth Prat Dard is responsible for the agency’s major aesthetic directions as expressed in the Inspiration trendbook, along with the managers of the Women’s and Men’s trendbooks. she ensures the coherence of the agency’s creative and fashion vision, leading meetings and consultations to define this vision, which is based on a cross-section of viewpoints, with input from different sectors.

Milky Yellow Softness

Milky Yellow symbolizes softness and light, the purity of creamy, nourishing ingredients that make us feel good.
It functions as a new neutral, with an enhancing, illuminating effect.
Given that our everyday work lives have grown more relaxed, this color is best incorporated in enveloping, rounded designs: a mix of iconic sportswear and tailored pieces updated in smooth, voluminous shapes worked in fine jerseys and fluid silks, underpinned by tailoring fabrics with a more casual feel thanks to bast-fiber blends.

  • Softness melded with a pearl-skin tone, illuminated in white 
  • Solar effect and gourmet ice creams: apricot, hazelnut  
  • Rich gradations of grassy-toned plant fibers 

Milky Yellow Energy

Here, a mellow milky yellow is pumped up thanks to graphic interplays with strikingly contrasting hues, such as neutral cold grays: cement gray, “titanium”, graphite blue gray and a lively shirting blue lend an urban, architectural feel. Striped shirts, a sweatshirt vibe and tailoring are energized by sporty pieces, like leggings and sport bras.

  • Bold contrasts of softness and neutrality 
  • The controlled restraint of yellow combined with the candor of blue and pink   
  • Urban balance: neutrality and solar energy 
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