Decodings SS25 Fabrics: Tailoring

Versatile and trans-seasonal, wool is combined with plant and cellulose fibers, in either close or complementary blends, for suitings that are ever more fresh, elegant, dynamic or… playful!

Floaty wools

Superfine suitings in combed qualities, open basketweaves with a gauze look, fine plain wovens and prunella are climatic and breathable. Nothing creases them, so they remain crisp, fresh and relaxed all day long.


The sandy grains of crepe lend a unity to surfaces, for sleek suitings with smooth, full, round handles. Cellulosics, viscose, acetate and triacetate impart an almost imperceptible shiver to surfaces and a comfortable natural stretch.

Plant-fiber suitings

Linen worked in blends with wool, viscose or lyocell brings its always distinct presence to fresh, dry suitings with crisp drapes, discreet slubs and whitened wefts. Classic shirting weaves, from chambrays to oxfords and end-and-ends, are interpreted in suit weights, for elegant semi-plains.

Eccentric tweeds

In fresh colorways and graphic weaves, tweed dances to the rhythm of thick matte cottons and wriggling pennants, slim and gleaming ribbons and twinkling lamés, multicolored barbules and corkscrewed throwns – all to a bouncy, joyously off-the-wall tune.

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