Decodings SS25 Fabrics: Silkies

Moving, rippling, swaying, never still – silkies this season are transformed by new textures, blends and weaves, to embrace a spirit of modernity.

Lively crepes

With their dense, round, lively handles, crepes are an invitation to move. Forget the classics! This season, silks blend with viscose, viscose with acetate, and synthetics favor recycled yarns. Grains are innovative, perfectly uniform and lightly polished, sometimes enlivened by fantasy weaves inspired by sporty piqués. From georgette voile to women’s suit-weights and satin-backed crepes, these silkies are packed with energy, and subtly modernized.

Everyday silkies

Cloqué, embossed, rumpled, creponned, these are silkies to wash and wear without ironing. They showcase a relaxed simplicity, with just the right touch of sophistication to impart order to their rippling surfaces. Never straight, never flat, they can be refined and crisp as dried petals, other times heavy and undulating, and sometimes streaked with gold or damask gleams

Plant silkies

Silkies go in for blends and plant fibers. Linen, ramie and even hemp slip into filament warps, combining the luster of silk with the rusticity of bast fibers. Drapes grow firmer, imperfections emerge, surfaces are veined with slubs or have a bourrette-like texture. These new-gen hybrids recapture the ancestral artisanal luxury of doupions, shantungs, tussahs and greige silks.

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