Decodings SS25 Fabrics: Highlights

It’s frivolous, it’s sustainable – can it be fashion?  Fashion has its reasons, that reason does not know,  and yet… 

Rustic decorum 

Answering the call for natural, low-key fabrics – and a normal interest in looking good –  bast fibers, with their rustic look and rowdy slubs, lend themselves to eccentric expressions in a fanciful, artisanal vein, imbued with a charming imperfection.

Hybrid compositions

Cotton and silk, wool and linen, hemp and lyocell… The collections are enriched with new fiber qualities and surprising drapes. In a richly innovative dialogue, plant, animal and cellulosic fibers are blended, intermingled and combined – exploring new compatibilities, right up to a product’s end of life. Whether compostable or recyclable, these harmonious unions have signed on to sustainability.

Extreme weights

On the one hand, we have the increasingly ethereal lightness of floaty and translucent voiles, gauzes, open-worked fabrics and refined materials verging on the ethereal. On the other, the generous density of full, rounded, thick and sturdy fabrics. All are an invitation to rethink volumes and make the move to stretch-free comfort, with the shadowy freshness of airy and floaty fabrics, the generous fullness of softened, pliable materials, and the high-energy resilience of crepes or chic, stable knits.

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