Decodings SS25 Decoration: Lace

Leavers or Rachel, casual or red carpet-bound, lace grows denser, offering new drapes and crossing over into new uses. And in their meticulous elegance and metallic sheen, the new laces show off a goldsmith’s artistry. 

Refined density 

Calais lace goes in for a more cottony look: these precious evening fabrics get a refresh, for a natural sophistication. Cordonnet is used to highlight motifs, giving lace a refined density. Patterns grow more voluptuous, inviting in new kinds of drape. With their interplay of fullness and empty space, more opaque motifs overtake ethereal transparency. 

Rachel, Jacquardtronic and Textronic fancy knits all favor a filled-in look over openwork. Designed for more everyday uses, these lace knits could sometimes be mistaken for wovens. Deliberately exaggerated pop motifs, irregular-yarn interlacings and textural effects lend these textiles an extra feeling of consistency. 

Goldsmith laces

In a different register, Leavers lace has an airy lightness which sets it apart for special occasions. These luxurious fabrics feature sophisticated miniature motifs, with a shimmering shine enhanced by metallic threads. Some motifs recall animal skins, in a subliminal manner.

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