Decodings SS25 Decoration: Highlights

Spring-Summer 25 decorations undergo their own transformation, shifting gear to reveal a whole new look in printsembroiderylace and jacquards. The style codes of embellishment adopt a new hybrid expressivity, while cultivating a certain softness – particularly evident in evanescent, whitened motifs. A fading away, for an even more powerful rebirth.  

A moment of transformation: molts and chrysalises

This season, the world of mutation takes center stage, with profoundly transformed materials and textures. Allegorical representations depict precise moments of change, captured in the moment. Materials don exaggerated textures, and seem to be morphing into something else. Pleats, smocking, cloqués and embossings unfurl across fabrics, like new skins in the making. Transparencies and textured reptilian effects evoke chrysalid shells, all in a monochrome color palette.

Animal kingdom 

The animal kingdom is viewed under a new light, revealing its most fascinating forms. The skins of reptiles and fish, the carapaces of insects seem as if viewed under a microscope. They have an abstract, zoomed-in look, with iridescent reflections, sometimes intermingled with cellular rhizomes. In jacquards, embroidery, pleats and laser-cut techniques, the extraordinary richness of fauna shines through in a host of luminous vibrations and textured effects evoking natural fur. More literally transcribed motifs evoking scarabs and butterflies lend a romantic touch to this new representation of the living world. 

Craftsmanship 3.0 

Influenced by 3D technology, artisanal craftsmanship is reinvented and products show a keen mastery of authenticity. Guipures, embroideries and jacquards made from natural materials look as if crafted with robotic hands. The result? A modern crafts reboot with industrial precision – retaining all the richness of the materials and the true artisanal know-how.

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