Decodings SS25 Decoration: High Fancy 

Gilt jacquards reveal more pastel colorways this Spring-Summer 25, with overt opulence found principally in extra-large floral motifs, climbing over fabrics like life-sized gardens.

Whitened golds

On cut-yarn, occasionally overprinted, jacquards, gold moves into a softer register, all in subtly muted hues with an almost bleached look. Iridescent shades look filtered, subdued.This touch of whitened gold is posed on lush foliage and greenery, whose wavy lines call forth the softness of moss and the curvy outlines of foliage and seaweed. 

Golden geometry

Here, too, gold retains a softened look, while underlining a certain idea of geometry. Highly textured embellishments come to the fore: expandable pleats, embossed motifs, honeycomb silkies and textured, quilt-like losanges suggest dashing Amazons. Their baroque aura is attenuated, marked by a distinct tranquility.


Floral motifs catch the eye with their shimmering shine, but it’s their sheer size that impresses. These bouquets are stretched to gigantic proportions, the kind typically found in upholstery and tapestries. The flowers bloom well beyond classic convention, almost rising out of the fabric and blooming impressively, for an immediately striking visual effect. 

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