SS 24 Color range: Hot-cold

This season, pigment shades in dense, color-soaked hues are particularly strong. These powerful, ultra-saturated colors appear in bold harmonies that make an intense statement. Pigmented intensity is rich in meaning, corresponding to a desire for materiality, anchored in reality.

The palette flushes from blue, magenta and red to orange, ochre and brown. Visually and conceptually charged, they conjure the mood of the ’80s, with the era’s extravagant, exaggeratedly rich couture cuts, and opulent, exuberant fantasies. Exotic, warm and saturated, these heady colors create sophisticated and sensual summer harmonies.

Harmonious Contrast

This season’s flagship duo combines the power of blues with the warmth of oranges, a combination that can be worked in different tonal depths, mixing deep or digital Klein Blue with orange-y yellow, turmeric or sand. An unusual summer pairing that, with its harmonious contrasts, evokes solar energy. New complements lend designs a certain preciousness in rich relief textures like fil coupé or fringe, or two-tone grains for leathers.

Vivid Multicolor Stripes

These intense colors are worked in mixes, in sensual and deep combinations of multicolored stripes. Different color temperature combinations move from opulent earthy grounds to cold blue-greens. Bright whites bring reflections and shine in movement. For abstract motifs, used in a large-scale for a pictorial color block effect; with lacquered, scrubbed colors coated directly onto jackets and parkas for maximum chromatic impact; and on dressy designs, for liquid silks and supersized scarf designs.

Warm Blues

The season’s hot-cold colors also come in range of earth tones, on which a touch of blue transforms into a warm hue. Associations that evoke a majestic, faraway destination, etching out sophisticated, exotic landscapes. A comfortable, supple and relaxed spin on pigments, for a new generation of city wear.

Ornemental Blues

Blue takes center stage this SS24. A seasonal essential, it goes beyond commercial and timeless values. Chic blues bypass city or casual wear to be used in decor and ornaments. They crop up in all-over treatments on high fantasy pieces or are embellished with texture and reflections in gold and copper metallics that revisit brocades and embroideries.

Find here the Première Vision color range. Composed of 28 exclusive shades, this range brings together the highlights of the Spring-Summer 24 season.

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