Spring-Summer 24 Leathers: Digital Softness

The influence of digital technology permeates leathers this spring, through irregularity or in a precise, meticulous way. Whether through subtle shine that discreetly brings surfaces to life or lean toward geometric openwork with digital regularity — finishes gently enhance leathers.   

Summer iridescence 

This season, skins sport a refined luminosity. Iridescent, pearly, shot finishings are subtler, discreet, even more transparent, like milky veils or placement accents. This scattered, irregular and lively shine deftly interacts with light on full-grain lamb leathers. Micro-sequins are transfer-deposited onto the skins, allowing them to breathe. On two-tone embossed finishings, only the top grain retains the bright look. 

A digital inspiration slips in and inspires more techno-oriented but softer shot looks, where iridescent shades imitate beams of light. 

Glossy ripples 

A sophisticated gleam on textured, crumpled, crispy skins. On intense, uniform shades, varnishes create wet looks or lacquer effects. Light, captured by the texture of the skin, scatters a subtle gleam. 

High-Precision Perforations 

Skins are delicately and meticulously open-worked. The season’s ultra-precise perforations embellish extremely supple skins. Little geometric motifs, entirely or partially perforated, lend a lace or knit quality to leather. Full-grain lamb leathers evoke second-skin, open-worked sport knits, or imitate surprisingly elastic fishnet. 

Laser perforations, decorative slits, and colorful partial embossings run through accessories for Spring-Summer 2024. 

Focus on Eco Sneakers   

Sustainable textiles with sophisticated weaves and effects, in bright hues. Made of recycled polyesters, fibers from food industry by-products or bio-sourced rubber, little piqués, fancy mesh and jacquards with a tiled effect play with light and offer a new take on mosaics. Fabrics that mix and match perfectly with extra-smooth Nappa leathers, and leathers with the season’s high-tech finishes – matte, rubberized, perfectly smooth – for the new sneakers of the Spring-Summer 2024 season. 

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