Spring-Summer 24 Leather: Intrinsic Qualities

The range of leathers for clothing is constantly expanding, both in terms of quality and creativity. Leathers outperform and challenge their specificities, taking inspiration from textiles and playing on the senses through surprising contrasts between visual appearance and behavior.

Deeply Nourished 

This season, tanners celebrate leather’s intrinsic qualities, seeking to render it even more luxurious. Full-bodied, supple, round to the touch, these deeply nourished hides are classics with character. They are ultra-well waxed, sometimes even finely siliconed. The color is uniform but transparent, and the leather grain remains firmly in the forefront.

Sophisticated Authenticity 

Leather and summery fabric weaves engage in a dialogue around naturalness. Sophisticated finishings are tailored to enhance each material and its unique qualities. Grains are subtly accentuated. Sanded, plush nubucks, like a brushed cotton, recall dry earth, yet are surprisingly soft to the touch. 

Irregular colors and bleached effects on noble ochres, browns, beiges and slightly acidic oranges maintain and intensify the natural character of the skins.  

As well as goat leathers with a crisp grain, bubble lambs with large irregular grains, and embossings replicating the look of canework.  

This summer, these leathers with a softened rusticity are destined to go perfectly with woven straw, canings and thick ribs. 

Mais encore des cuirs de chèvre au grain crispé, des agneaux bubble aux gros grains irréguliers, des embossages rejouant les dessins de cannages.  

Ces cuirs à la rusticité adoucie s’associeront à la perfection cet été avec des pailles tressées, cannages ou grosses côtes.  

New Firmness

This season makes way for a new firmness to leathers. Perfectly smooth and matte, the uniform colors free of any double-tones occasionally reveal tiny hatched or crossed grains, and quite regular micro-caviars, giving the skins an urban allure. 

Enhanced with such contemporary finishes, these firm nappa leathers invite the design of more structured, architectural items, for leather goods or as major ready-to-wear items. These skins are also ideal in terms of favoring eco-design and sustainability. 

Technical & matte

Leathers with finishes inspired by technical textiles, broken down in bright, acid hues. These matte leathers with their rubbery, slightly frosted appearance and silicon feel are reminiscent of the new bio-sourced rubbers. Fanciful reptile embossings are also endowed with a “rubbery” hand.

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